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I really enjoyed the turn this game took. And how could I say "no" when they asked so nicely? Now I'm really curious about where those coordinates lead...

This game was definitely cursed or something lol. This was the third game I played in this video!

Tellement bizarre ... Ambiance creepy !


Look at this game and think about what you think this game is. Got it? It's wrong. This was a very interesting experience! 




i loved the game but im curious if some one went to the location of the building

You're game helped me get to where I am today. Thank You!

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I played this game something like 3-4 months ago (i don't remember), and not only is it an absolutely brilliant experience that left me on edge with it's surprises, the sound design though... it's absolutely impeccable. Every sound down to the text dialogue to the sound of the game in it's more horrifying stage is absolutely beautiful. 

I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Thats was real badass, these things do give me the creeps

Hey guys! I highly recommend this game. IT THREW ME OFF WITH ALL THE SURPRISES. I love the choices and endings we get. Overall it was a great short game! I highly recommend trying the game but if yall prefer to watch the game then feel free to come watch my video! We can go through the surprises and scream together! 


It was a fun short and sweet game, good work :)

What a twist! Loved the art styles. Great job, I had fun with it!

Very interesting game.  I was not expecting where it was going.

Quite an interesting concept. Playtime for all endings is roughly 7 minutes.

My playthrough:


My thoughts on the game:

  • I didn't find the game scary, but it was definitely unexpected and horror!
  • The smiling person chasing you seems more like something a kid would be scared of xD
  • The game is HELLA smooth looking, amazing job!

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience. It's definitely quite unique.


Loved it !


your game helped me get to where I am today thank you

This is fantastic! Such a short horror game yet managed to create a really creepy atmosphere. The twist you get after saying "Yes" blew me away! I highly recommend it anyone who's interested in a short horror experience! 


i said yes

I recommend watching my walkthrough.


this game was crazy good shout out to the developer


give you my fuckign what??

Body, or soul idk

body cause in the game he wants ur body


i thought it was gomme ur fucking d1ck but anyways

same difference


Some really creepy visuals you have managed to make from such a limited contrast. The game was fun and creepy.


2 Endings No Commentary 


its would be nice if u could put the warning in the start of the game before puting all those flashing lights thank u

pretty swag


Awwww I felt so important! How could I say no!


This genuinely creeped me out at points. Absolutely loved the twist smack dab in the middle of this, and the tie-in to the real world. This is fantastic, great work!

co-ordinates got me somewhere in Maryland in some weird looking building. Wasn't even able to use street view for it unfortunately. Now I'm curious and I wanna go there.


Played this game on my Channel's Series called 3 SCARY GAMES! It's the 2nd game I played in the video starting at 15:08!

I honestly had no expectations going into this game, wanted to keep an open mind and I wasn't disappointed! Absolutely loved Pixel Side-scroller Gameplay & Art Style! Even with the game being a fairly short experience, I really like the atmosphere and build up to such a cool twist at the end! Not to mention I also love when games break the 4th wall ;) Overall a really awesome game and hope you continue to make great games!

Damn they threaten to kill me and my family..SAVE ME and here's the proof 


love the game where makes you feel super uneasy 

Awesome game,please continue making games like these!

how do i change my name. its reading a wrong name


love the game


Bruh there's like 16667.31 km distance to my home. maybe I will resign to go there.


That ending made me feel very unsettled and it felt like I was being watched somehow but that's probably because I was home alone though.

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